Slitting & Re-Rolls: Cutting Room Papers:

-Straight Cut
-Hot-Knife Cut

-On-hand inventory updated daily
-Shade Marking Supplies
-Care Labels

Trim Items (scroll down for descriptions):  
Custom Waistbands
-Simple double-stitched W/B's
-Curtain W/B's
-Custom Printed W/B's
*Please contact for more details

Fly (Marquisette backed)

Spaghetti Straps
-1/8"-1" finish size
      -w/#45 filler
      -w/#90 filler
      -w/Tricot Liner

Cording (Specify desired lip size)
-#10 Cording (1/16" diameter)
-#20 (3/32")
-#30 (1/8")
-#60/00 (1/4")
-#1 (5/16")
-#2 (3/8")
-#3 (7/16")
-#4 (9/16")
-#6 (3/4")
-#7 (1")
-#45 Filler
-#90 Filler
-#45/90, 90/90, 90/90/45 Combination of Fillers


-Both Sides Bent (BSB)
-One Side Bent (OSB)
-Double Fold


Merrow Edge

Engineered Stripping

-Knife Pleat
-Box Pleat
-Side Pleat

Ruffling (Specify gathering ration, i.e.: 2:1, 3:1)
-Single Needle
-Double Needle

Belt Loops
-Double Fold & Double Stitched
-Cover-stitch w/Zig-Zag back


Fringing (1/8" & 1/4" only)

Fuse Strap

Sweatbands (multi-needle)

Non-Woven/Embroidery Products: Buttons:
-On-hand inventory update daily
-Embroidery Backing
-Please visit Tiger Buttons


BELT LOOPING - Double needle. Sizes available: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/9", 3/4"
                       Fabric is cut 4 times finished width on small sizes.
BUTTON LOOPING - Single needle, edge stitched. Sizes: 1/8", 1/4"
                           Fabric is cut 4 times finished width.
HEMMING - Edge hemming. Sizes: baby hem 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"  Other sizes may be special ordered.
SHIRRING - Specify ratio wanted. 1 1/2 to 1, 2 to 1
PLEATING KNIFE - Specify width of pleat 'A'. Our stitch margin from edge will be approximately 1/4", unless otherwise specified.
PLEATING BOX - Specify width of pleat 'A'.
MERROW EDGE - A decorative used on the edge of a material to give a contrasting appearance.
FRINGE EDGING - Material is slit to a point of sewing margine, dimensions are sewn margine-width or fringe and length.

VFOLD - Folded in the center. Specify finish width only. Different materials must be cut wider to accomplish the needed width.
TRIFOLD - Vfold with one side bent. Specify finished width 'A' amount of inside bend 'B'.
DOUBLE FOLD - Vfold with both sides bent. Specify finished width 'A' plus amount of fold 'B'.
ONE SIDE BENT - OSB - Specify finished width 'A' plus amount of fold 'B'.
BOTH SIDES BENT - BSB - Specify finished width 'A' plus amount of fold 'B'.

PIPING - Specify 'A' diameter or cord size. 'B' width of lip, or seam allowance.
SPAGHETTI - Specify diameter. If to be filled, specify number of size of filler. Sometimes it is necessary to use a lining in order to process, this is used at our discretion except where specified.
SAWTOOTH - Specify width of finished edge from stitch line. This may be slit apart to give left and right folds.


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